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It excites me to write playfully with the elements I can find in film. It’s important for me to feel like a discoverer, discovering new things while making a project. My love for production design plays a big part in this voyage of discovery.

Beter een Duif is a film about the human need to fix things, even the most absurd ones. The film focuses on the story of Albert ánd on a story itself by being playful with fixed structures and rules. Albert’s wife transformed into a pigeon. A very beautiful one, but Albert isn’t content. He experiences several problems which he divides into 3 chapters. In a strange bar he chats with Wies, a young woman who wants to listen to those chapters. Albert speaks vividly and Wies listens. His tale starts loving and sweet but..

The more Albert realizes he can’t change his reality with the pigeon who was his wife, the harder he tries to do so. This results in strange, selfish and lurid scenes. Wies keeps listening but also gets more and more involved in the story because of her own view on the situation.