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“A personal struggle translated into beautifully detailed hand-drawn illustrations about the relatively unknown disorder: ‘Skin Picking’.”

‘Beneath my Skin’ is an informative and confrontational book that documents Cheyenne’s personal struggle with the yet unknown disorder ‘Skin Picking’. The information in this book shines light on a topic that is recognisable for those suffering from this compulsion-related disorder. It’s something Cheyenne missed in her younger years , when she was struggling with skin picking disorder herself. It made her feel alone and different due to the lack of information available at the time. She always kept it hidden away, until now.

With scientific pencil drawings Cheyenne shows what it’s like to have a skin picking disorder. The detailed illustrations are supported with short personal stories from fellow skin pickers. With this book she aims to provide support and give recognition, to break stigma and be informative on the subject.