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What can we do to bring back the balance on our planet and nature around us? Maybe we should rediscover the balance of nature and become part of nature ourselves.

The project ‘A Different Nature’ lets people experience our nature in a different way. In the public debate about the global climate crisis, the emphasis is often on the negative effects. Forest fires, species dying out and persistent drought. Nature is mostly represented as a victim, while its beauty can also be a source of inspiration to take action. At least, that’s what nature is to me.

Through the music video ‘What Can I Do?’ for Sun Cutter, I try to make people realise that they’re not separate from nature, but a part of it. The video and accompanying quote book will make people think about their role in bringing about change. They need to realise that we can only keep the current beautiful, diverse nature we have now, if we become more aware of our attitude towards it.