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Did you miss our online programme? Or do you want to watch it again?
Below is an overview of all online streams during NowShow 2020. The files are public and remain available as an archive.

October 7th:
Opening Graduation Show

October 8th:
Physical bodies in a digital world (Art)

October 9th:
Telling stories and showing attitudes

October 12th:
St. Joost x IMG LAB x Playgrounds (Illustrated & Animated Storytelling)

October 14th:
St.Joost x BredaPhoto (Photography, Film & the Digital)

October 15th:

Film première (Photography, Film & the Digital)
This event is only available with a code. If you’re interested please send an email to: d.komen@avans.nl

These films were displayed during this event:

De Reizigers – Eline van der Kaa
Blessed Be – Maxim Lambers
Radio Ben – Soner Arslan
Moon – Cleo Mullis
Beter een Duif- Pien Vroonland
Service à la Russe – Bente Ummels
Ik, Ezel – Evy Vinck
Akasha – An Inner Journey – Stijn Pruijsen
Productions by Perspective – Lisa Hussaarts